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U&A deals in the Rental and Supply of Drilling Equipment and related components to the Drilling and Workover sectors worldwide. With a combination of resources, years of industry experience and expertise U&A provides a customer responsive one-stop-shop for high quality equipment produced by accredited manufacturers. U&A is equipped to supply a comprehensive range of Well Control and Drilling Equipment including but not limited to Blowout Preventers (BOPs) both RAM type and Annulars, API Valves and Chokes, Diverter Spools, Mud Cross, DSAs (Double Studded Adapters), Flanges, Hole Openers, Stabilizers, Drilling Jars, Shock Tools, Casing Handling Tools, Fishing Equipment, Elevators and Elevator Bails, Mills, Rotary Tables, Kelly Spinners, Shackles, Sheaves, Blocks, Hooks, Drill Lines, Downhole Tubulars (Drill Collars, HWDP, Drill Pipe), Crossover Subs and Pup Joints to name a few.

At U&A, we know that your drilling needs require our constant attention and we understand the importance of downtime. Our responsiveness to customer requests distinguishes us from other vendors and we operate on a 24 hours a day 7 days a week policy. Equally important, we stand behind every item we sell to guarantee customer satisfaction in equipment quality, prompt delivery and after sales service.



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